On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:30:36 GMT, "Pat" wrote:

>Somehow, I wonder if a
>parent had taken the time to say NO to and adult Anna.

Saying NO is not the only and not always the best solution, no matter
how many examples you drag in front of me to prove the contrary.

>> The original version is the past and the "buggered up mess" is pretty
>> much the past as well. It should make no difference to you what people
>> use or not use. If you don't like the "mess", you can wallpaper your
>> home with screen shots of 1.0, if you wish. I don't care.

>This is easy for you to say, being a back seat driver. In fact, virtually
>zero has been done to the original Ensemble Suite for approximately 9 years.

As I said: You may keep reminding yourself of how pure and beautiful
1.0 was and just discard the rest. That's entirely your business,
exactly the same as it is my business how and where I run NDO2000.
Let's not lecture each other, right?