"C BLANK II" wrote in message for all the world to see
just how little he knows about PC's.

> ***GEOS Simplicity: GEOS users invariably have to learn how to use DOS

> manger(s) or other facets central to being on an OS that relies heavily on
> DOS.***
> A minor setup.

> Chip Blank

No not "minor at all. Teaching someone about real-mode device drivers, be it
BIOS or hardware is anything but minor. Teaching them how to configure
memory from CONFIG.SYS and how to then load device drivers from CONFIG.SYS &
AUTOEXEC.BAT is not a "minor" thingie at all. It is very tedious for them to
learn and quite a chore for your "average" PC user that you keep claiming is
the perfect GEOS user. In fact this is of the if not the most important
concepts one can learn about DOS, which insures the very best performance
form GEOS. It is a HUGE stumbling block that most "average" users do NOT
ever care to learn about. Probably yourself included.