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Joseph Durham wrote:
| I have been using a Global PC since August 2000. Like it very well.
| You may need the internet update so that you can plug in the home
| page of choice instead of the out of service myturn site.
| It is the only computer that I use.
| hyubso wrote:
|| Bought a used GPC off of ebay.. My first GPC. hey this thing so
|| far is impressive.. i hooked it up to my 27" tv, powered it up and
|| , wow, what a usable and , to me, easy to use product, and what
|| performance! That instant on feature is impressive!! Beats any
|| windows wake from sleep gimmick..
|| Sure as hell beats a WEB TV for versatility.. and the picture
|| quality on the TV using writer was certainly usable.

Joe -

Just for some perspective, can you tell us what kinds of things that you
typically do with your GPC? Much web surfing? Email? Spreadsheets and
stuff? I'm just trying to get some idea of what keeps you working with