Hi Steve,

Do you still check up on GEOS musings at all, for old times sake? I
wonder if you can share any historical insight on a subject that I
still (after more than a decade!) often wonder about.

As GEOS 2 was in the final stages of prerelease development, there were
always indications that several "major" (at the time) software vendors
would be releasing independant products in support of the GEOS
platform. At the time, non disclorure agreements prevented their
identification. But now that era is ancient history (at least on a
computer industry time line), so can you fill in some blanks? Who were

We know that AOL did an incomplete, short lived, (seemingly pre-beta)
promise keeper, but who else?

I hope that all is well with you in your post Geoworks/New Deal life.
Are you still as addicted to the product follow-ons as I am? Any chance
you are involved with the flat memory, next generation GEOS that
BreadBox is working on?

Ray Washington