Karsten Schenk wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just bought my BreadBox Ensemble via download from Sun2k and I have
> two questions.
> 1) How do I install Software?
> Programms, once unpacked, are not recongnized by Geos as Executables.

um, strange... maybe they are universal installer packages, in that case
download it at www.tvakatter.org and install it then open the
installerpackages to install the software you downloaded...

> 2)
> Is there any possibilitiy of sending Email to different folders
> automatically, when fetching them with the Email programm?


something like that as a "post processing" could be done with newbasic
see tvakatter or http://www.aibfb.ch/nbexpress/ for some examples. I
think newmail simply saves mails as individual files and a simple
filtering like pine offers at the end of the month to run a script that
archives all mail of the past month into a filder called something like
"month-year" or so would be relatively easy if you have a little
experience with basic :-) (yeah, if it was so i'd probably have done it
before but hey i don't use newmail :-) )

> Thanks in advance.
> Karsten

Bitte, gerne geschehen