I have a puzzle. If I find the answer I think I will be benefitted and maybe
others will be too.

The situation is this. At work I run Win XP Pro. On it I run both 3.2A and
4.1.8. Both of them will export to MS Word 8.0 (97). I have verified the
versions by checking the version.txt files.

At home I have Win 98 SE. On it I am also running 3.2A, [which nicely handles
FAX Send and Receive]. And I am running 4.1.8 on it. Version.txt files checked
here also. But on my home versions I can only export to MS Word 5.0 and 5.5.

I thought if I copied the System\Impex\ Word 8.0 Tanslator file to the same
folder on the home computers, they might be able to do it also. But no luck. I
did try it with and without MSWord Translator file also in the Impex file at
the same time.

I have not tried the FAX capability on my office 3.2A. I do not want to have to
swap one capability for the other, but I don't expect that to happen.

I don't know how the XP versions got the Word 8.0 Translator files. I had to
reinstall and repair those versions so many times I have no idea how it
happened. But I'm glad.

Does anyone know how to upgrade 3.2A and 4.1.8 to be able to export Write files
to Word 8.0?

By the way, 4.1.6 has an entirely different file: Win Word 8.0. But I don't
have that version installed, nor do I know if it has FAX capability.

All help will be appreciated.