Haha I like using older software, still waiting for freedos to get to 1.0....yeah well thanks for the replies + links.

programsynthesiser (programsynthesiser@sbcglobal.net) wrote in message news:
> Hi all. I am a new user. I have a notebook that runs on geos, but what I believe to be a very limited version, as the notebook is just a big (old) pda the size of a laptop from 1997. Its a brother, and the screen is shot, so I don't use it much, as I need to hook it up to an external monitor. But why do you all use GEOS? I believe you all use it on your desktops...I would like to know, because I may be interested. I currently run Windows 2000, Slackware Linux, and soon Freedos, so I am not new to computers. Thanks for the help!