Ok, the network of the daily builds of QEmu didn't worked on windows. Today,
that changed. Get the newest version from "ftp://ftp.freeoszoo.org/qemu/win32/daily/QemuInstall-20041007-netfix.exe".

The news:

- The user-net is working again (internet).
- The monitor is integrated into the QEmu window, use Ctrl-Alt-x where
x is either 1 (emulation), 2 (console) or 3 (serial).
- Integrated TFTP and SMB server for sharing files with the host OS.

My wishes are:

- Automatically change the focus of the mouse and keyborad between guest
and host OS when moving the mouse over the guest OS.
- A NCP server for sharing files with the host, because the SMB one is
really big and eats away the conventional memory.

You still need the newest VGABIOS as stated earlier.