Hi John,

Well, I have a test PC with FreeDOS, in which I have tested Breadbox Ensemble
4.01. Ensemble with Etherodi ran flawlessly for me. This test PC have been
set a side, but it should be intact. I use it mainly to make FreeDOS bootdisks
for certain tasks. I can, most probably, easily recover the GEOS.INI from
that. I will check tomorrow and email the GEOS.INI to you, and I will also
check what freedos version along with the version of Himem manager. What
I recall the EMM386 does not work with Ensemble. Ensemble should be configured
for Himem.sys, but in the beta 8 there was two different himem managers.
I can't remember which one who worked. You have also to put up FreeDOS as
a 16 bit system. But I will check tomorrow, maybe I can put some time in
it and update with the recent version of FreeDOS and Breadbox Ensemble


John Howard wrote:
> Hi Hans,
> Any info you can give as to the setup, configuration and version of
> FreeDOS would be very much appreciated. I've tried about once every six
> months or so (with the latest FD versions) and my problems have been
> with the FreeDOS versions of EMM386 and himem (or their equivalents).
> On some of my earlier trials I had problems with the FreeDOS versions

> mscdex and getting them to work with a generic CD-ROM driver, but I
> think I got that one resolved.
> Of course Ensemble doesn't need the whole range of FreeDOS stuff, so
> just enough to get Ensemble running and able to access the drives would
> be very nice.
> John ;-)
> Hans Lindgren wrote:
> > I have run Ensemble on FreeDOS, and with the right config it runs very

> > need to use the NTFAT file system dirver if I recall correctly and config
> > it as it is running under Windows NT,
> >
> > BR,
> > Hans
> >
> > John Howard wrote:
> >
> >>I have not yet been able to run Ensemble on FreeDOS :-(
> >>
> >>John ;-)
> >>
> >>Dominique Vocat wrote:
> >>[snip]
> >>
> >>
> >>>BTW. does it now run on freedos?
> >>
> >>