Hi Grossibaer,

I have made comments below.

Jens-Michael Gross wrote:
> Hans Lindgren schrieb:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is there anybody here who have a clue what system files in Windows 98

> > that will affect sound? The scenario is that I can play any sound or
> > videofile (mp3, wav, avi mpeg) in any third-party app, like for example
> > Winamp 5, but not in softwares that is depending on the Windows system
> > like Windows Media Player 9.0b. When I play a file in WMP9.0b it plays
> > choppy, or toggle sound/video playing, like a severe scratch in a vinyl
> > record on a grammophone in the old vinyl days. The same file plays just
> > fine in Winamp 5.

> There are a wide variety of ways to produce sound in Windoze.
> Some applications use DirectSound (part of DirectX), some use the sound
> driver directly (part of the soundcard driver), some go through the
> wndows sound device and the windows sound mapper. And few directly
> access the sound hardware.

I suspect the windows sound device and windows sound mapper in some way.

> A reinstalation of the drivers doen not always help since there are many
> configurations stored in the registry which are not switched back to
> installation value. (this is why the registry constantly grows even if
> you deinstall things).
> Installing DirectX anew might help. Or the sound card driver (delete it
> from the system configuration) and then reinstall DirectX.

I have done all this, it solved some issues but not the choppy sound. When
I use the DirectXdiagnostic tool everything works OK, except for the Microsoft
Syntheziser, which sounds choppy.

> Or maybe the multimedia properties in the system configuration mey give
> you a hint.

I have tried all this, but I think that there is corrupt file/files in the
windows sound device or the windows sound mapper. Do you happen to know what
files these consists of and their dependencies?

> I have a similar problem: my sound goes choppy after time (mostly if I
> played a game with many sound effects). When I leave the game, it
> sometimes recovers, sometimes I have to reboot.
> It also happens after I started and shut down NDO2000 once. Next start

> get echoes. But not if I started it and then killed it from within the
> windows task manager. Strange things happen if Windows is involved. I
> never found a fix in the last 4 years.

Sounds fishy. Mine have worked flawlessly prior to the crash of WIndows
and the reinstall of some softwares.