DOS on Its Death Bed?

DeviceLogics releases what could well be the final version of DR-DOS to hit
the market.

Bryan Sparks, co-founder and CEO of DeviceLogics:

"DOS is what it is," said Sparks. "We're not looking to add substantial
features to it, as we're at the point of diminishing returns.. We still get
requests, like could you add USB support to DR-DOS. But we see there is a
community on the Net that is already doing things like this. We refer users
to them."
In fact, said Sparks, "This is probably the last major upgrade we'll do to
DR-DOS. We recognize the technology is well-past its prime."

Sparks acknowledged that DR-DOS has been on its death bed for the past six
or seven years.

"Our customers are embedded PC makers and users," said Sparks. And "Linux is
what we're transitioning our customers to.",1759,1558362,00.asp