Breadbox is looking for beta testers to test authenticated email sending.

If you are using NDO2000 or Breadbox Ensemble and have an ISP that
requires authentication for email sending then we would like you to try
our updated email application that supports authenticated email sending.
If your ISP's email server requires authentication before you can send
an email, the email applications in NDO2000 and Ensemble are not able to
send, although you can still receive email for that account.

We know that Verizon does require authentication. We've tested the
update on a Verizon email account and it works nicely, but we would like
to make sure it works with other ISPs before we release it.

Some background - Authenticated SMTP (email sending) came on the scene a
couple of years ago as an additional deterrent to spammers. The first
line of defense for most ISPs is that they will not let you send an
email from your valid email account unless you are connected to the
internet using their servers. So, even though I may know the username
and password for a valid Earthlink email account I cannot send an email
through Earthlink's SMTP server unless I am connected to the internet
through Earthlink. Some ISPs decided that this wasn't enough security
and have added an additional layer - Authenticated SMTP. With this
protocol, the email sender must not only be connected to the internet
through the ISP but must also respond properly to an authentication
challenge every time an email is sent to the SMTP server. Verizon uses
this extra layer of email security, Earthlink does not.

If you meet the requirements and would like to test the email app update
please email me with:
- Your name
- Your ISP
- Where you live (city, (state,) country)
- Whether you're running Ensemble or NDO2000 (and which version)


John Howard
Breadbox Computer Company LLC