Hello to all nice people over here

We nave a co located server which was up and runing with old freeBSD version running Plesk, but was down for the last couple of months, and now we plugged it in again.

We encounter this problem when logging in as root and running :
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/psa.sh start

We get the output:

Plesk: Starting DNS server (named)... done
Plesk: Starting MySQL server... mysql is not running.
mysql is running as pid 48368.
Plesk: Starting admin server... Enter pass phrase:

Now we don't have this password anywhere as the last guy take care of the server is no longer available and non of our passwords from our passwords file work.

Can someone suggest how should we recover this password or change it to some other password of our own ?

Urgent help is needed from the kind people in this forum,

Kind Regards