Hi dtrace gurus,

Dtrace is working on my freebsd box. I want to trace some external variable in isp(4).

I found that if the isp(4) is built into the kernel (with "options isp" in config file), it's ok.

If it's not built-in and loaded as a module, I got the following error:

bsd7#cd /usr/src/sys/modules/isp
bsd7#make clean && make WITH_CTF=1 DEBUG_FLAGS=-g && make install
bsd7#kldload isp
bsd7#kldload dtraceall

bsd7# dtrace -s cex.d
dtrace: failed to compile script cex.d: line 3: no symbolic type information is available for isp.ko`isp_announced: No type information available for symbol

bsd7# cat cex.d
printf("isp_announced 0x%d", `isp_announced);

what I need to do to make dtrace working on loadable module ?