I had a FreeBSD NFS server running a month+ old current (from Oct 2 or
so). I upgraded to a current current (Nov 11) and nfsd stopped working.
I was able to mount the exported filesystem but anything else would
yield an "Input/output error." nfsstat -s showed "Server Ret-Failed"
going up everytime I tried a 'cd', 'ls', etc. from the client. (I tried
both FreeBSD and Solaris clients).

Ultimately, I had to add NFS_LEGACYRPC in order to get a working nfsd.
Looks like there may be a problem with the new code that was added as
part of RPCSEC_GSS support. Note that I did not enable KGSSAPI in my
kernel as I have no need for it.

Are there any knows issues with the new code? Feel free to ask if you
need any more information about my setup.

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