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Daniel Eischen wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Nov 2008, Chuck Robey wrote:
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>> after a layoff from the java language for about 10 years, I've decided
>> to really
>> make my way back. When I was last active with Java, it was at 1.2, I
>> guess
>> right now the stable is I want to use is 1.6 (JDK6?) I need a touch
>> of advice
>> on now to go about doing this for my FreeBSD-current box.
>> I've been running FreeBSD-current since way back in the FreeBSD-1.0
>> days, with
>> some breaks on my part due to health emergencies, and I still need to
>> get the
>> Java JDK6 working. I also want to get the 3.4 version of eclipse
>> working, along
>> with a couple of different plugins. I don't know if using a FreeBSD
>> port is the
>> best idea froo eclipse, and I guess I need that info for the JDK6 too.
>> You see, it *looks* like the latest JDK6 which is native is named
>> "Diablo", but
>> I can't find any description on the web for what the Diablo means.
>> Also, the
>> name of the tarball has "freebsd7" in it, so I need to know both what
>> the Diablo
>> means, and also if that "freebsd7" means it won't build for
>> FreeBSD-current.
>> You see, I have the option of grabbing the Sun JDK6, the Linux-i386
>> binary, if I
>> find that I can't build the Diablo either because of what that
>> "Diablo" means,
>> or because of what the FreeBSD7 means (if it's going to build on
>> -current).
>> Please, could you give me some info on that? I don't need a
>> dissertation on
>> what Java is, but I do need those 2 questions addressed, and thanks
>> for your time.

> Follow the link in diablo-jdk16/pkg-descr; it explains it all.
> Diablo-jdk16 is a pre-built binary distribution that has gone
> through all of Sun's requirements for releasing a binary. The
> FreeBSD Foundation funds this activity. Binaries for 6 and 7
> will run on -current as long as you have compatibility packages
> installed (compat6x) and enabled in the kernel (COMPAT_FREEBSD6,
> COMPAT_FREEBSD7). You may also need to use libmap.conf to map
> libpthread to libthr.
> jdk16 (non-diablo) is built from Sun's sources. You (the builder)
> have to download the source and patch files yourself and plop them
> into the correct place (DISTDIR, usually /usr/ports/distfiles).
> The build process can take some time, but from my experience jdk16
> builds much faster than jdk15. Still, it may take many hours
> depending on your hardware.
> I do not use the diablo port - I use the jdk built from sources,
> but I have not built it in a few months, and only for 32-bit i386.

OK, taking your advice, using the jdk16 port. Have a pretty fast quad intel
processor machine (4G of RAM) so it ought to get this week, I hope (yeah, kidding).

As we speak, I'm downloading all those tarballs that the port needs. I know
that the port has gigantic boot requirements, but once I have it all built, can
I safely delete all those huge additional jdks that the port builds? I'd kind
of dislike having all that extra gigs of absolutely useless stuff that exists at
that point (I think, and I'm really not sure) only to confuse things and make
pathing errors more likely. I really wish that the jdk16 port had an option to
clean up behind itself (one heck of a lot more than a mere make clean).

BTW, the pkg-descr is fairly useless as far as explaining what a diablo is
(what's the differences WRT the JDK16 port, genealogically speaking), and the
URL in the pkg-descr, outside of using the word in the file download link, makes
only one single mention of the "Diablo" word. It really doesn't answer any
questions for me at all. Am I being obtuse here? I know I've done that before,
but I really can't seem to find anything about the Diablo.
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