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> after a layoff from the java language for about 10 years, I've decided to really
> make my way back. When I was last active with Java, it was at 1.2, I guess
> right now the stable is I want to use is 1.6 (JDK6?) I need a touch of advice
> on now to go about doing this for my FreeBSD-current box.
> I've been running FreeBSD-current since way back in the FreeBSD-1.0 days, with
> some breaks on my part due to health emergencies, and I still need to get the
> Java JDK6 working. I also want to get the 3.4 version of eclipse working, along
> with a couple of different plugins. I don't know if using a FreeBSD port is the
> best idea froo eclipse, and I guess I need that info for the JDK6 too.
> You see, it *looks* like the latest JDK6 which is native is named "Diablo", but
> I can't find any description on the web for what the Diablo means. Also, the
> name of the tarball has "freebsd7" in it, so I need to know both what the Diablo
> means, and also if that "freebsd7" means it won't build for FreeBSD-current.
> You see, I have the option of grabbing the Sun JDK6, the Linux-i386 binary, if I
> find that I can't build the Diablo either because of what that "Diablo" means,
> or because of what the FreeBSD7 means (if it's going to build on -current).
> Please, could you give me some info on that? I don't need a dissertation on
> what Java is, but I do need those 2 questions addressed, and thanks for your time.

Follow the link in diablo-jdk16/pkg-descr; it explains it all.

Diablo-jdk16 is a pre-built binary distribution that has gone
through all of Sun's requirements for releasing a binary. The
FreeBSD Foundation funds this activity. Binaries for 6 and 7
will run on -current as long as you have compatibility packages
installed (compat6x) and enabled in the kernel (COMPAT_FREEBSD6,
COMPAT_FREEBSD7). You may also need to use libmap.conf to map
libpthread to libthr.

jdk16 (non-diablo) is built from Sun's sources. You (the builder)
have to download the source and patch files yourself and plop them
into the correct place (DISTDIR, usually /usr/ports/distfiles).
The build process can take some time, but from my experience jdk16
builds much faster than jdk15. Still, it may take many hours
depending on your hardware.

I do not use the diablo port - I use the jdk built from sources,
but I have not built it in a few months, and only for 32-bit i386.

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