Drew Tomlinson writes:
> Boris Samorodov wrote:
>> Drew Tomlinson writes:

>>> I am trying to install a linux rpm of Legato Networker Backup Client.

>> It is not supposed to work (installing via rpm). You may try to do like
>> this:
>> -----
>> # cd $LINUX_BASE
>> # rpm2cpio -q < $directory_with_rpm_package/$rpm_package | cpio -id
>> -----
>> Then find any new binary executable files and brandelf(1) them (only
>> executables, not libraries).

> Thank you! I think I have it working.

Good to know.

> Will have to test to be sure
> it's working OK. I'm just curious...in two guides, written in 2006, I
> found on the net use rpm to install. Did this change recently?

Seems that it has changed two years ago when I began to maintain
linux ports. ;-) The problem was that rpm used it's own database
of installed files/packages. The native FreeBSD database was used
as well. It was a nightmare to keep then in sync. One of them
should die. Guess which one? ;-)

BTW, what about creating patches/followups/etc to those guides you
have seen?

>> Well, a better way may be to create a port. You'll get at least a clean
>> deinstall possibility then. And use send-pr(1). ;-)

> Yes, I tried creating a port once before for a new version of bacula
> client. However I could never get it to work. That was a few years
> ago. Maybe I need to try again.

Good luck.

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