Hi folks!

I'd like to announce that the work on UTF8-compatible syscons is going on.

Current Status:

I've finished with UTF-8 decoding in syscons. This includes kernel-mode
decoder, user-mode unit-tests for it, patch for syscons output processor to
transcode UTF-8 to 8-bit encoding depending on global mode flag using
specified transcoding map, and user-mode integration test application that
produces UTF8-encoded characters from various unicode regions on its
standard output stream.

What needs to be done:

* encoder to convert user input to UTF-8

* IOCTLs for setting UTF-8 mode on and off (currently hardcoded un syscons
initialization routine)

* IOCTLs for updating UTF-8-to-8-bit transcoding map (map is also hardcoded
in init routine)

* patch vidcontrol for utilizing IOCTLs mentioned earlier

* examing impact of switching to UTF-8 on the system, utilities, ports, etc.

For the purpose of updates like that I would like to have something like a
page on FreeBSD wiki. I would place status information, documentation and
current patches there. In my opinion it's better than having it placed on
3rd party website. Is it possible?

Alexander Churanov
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