Ruben de Groot wrote:
>>>> You need lsof +aL1 /tmp to see an answer.
>>> Please don't advise people to install third party apps (lsof) where
>>> base system tools (fstat) can do the job.

>> Why not?

> Because it gives the impression the base system is incomplete, which it is not,
> at least not in this situation. The wording "you need lsof" is plain wrong.

Perhaps the wording is chosen to be too strong.
>> This is one of the ways I pick up on all kinds of nice tools I've not heard
>> of before. And it is not like this is swamping the list with of topic
>> questions.

> Difference of opinion; I prefer to use FreeBSD tools before falling back to
> 3rd party tools, no matter how nice.

Shure, so do I. But then base and ports are just like one very large candy
store, and there are too many tools to know about.

>> You might have redirected the question to questions@

> I don't see the point. Why didn't you redirect it?

1) You made it sound like it is an obvious question with an even more obvious
answer. And normally these go to questions@
2) The reason for this is on the Unix FAQ, not shure it has this answer with it.
3) Because I would not know the answer to the question asked, And what I should
have done is change the subject with the previous posting.

>> The initial question indicated that fstat did not give the info wanted.
>> Your info does not help, because you told him to use fstat, but forgot to
>> mention HOW. So he is in no way any wiser after your answer.

> Yes, my bad. But he allready found the answer himself (using fstat -f I guess).

You've at least now given me a reason to look at another base tool

FAIC this is the last we post on this, and get back to using/hacking FreeBSD.


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