last month i reported a problem with interrupt storms in re(4). You
can find that report here:


After that, i filled a bug report:


Remko Lodder (CC'ed) suggested me that i should disable USB code
in kernel if i was not using it. As i wasn't using it, i tried
disabling it and so far, the problem was solved.

After a few days in production with the new kernel, GENERIC
without USB and firewrire i've found other interrupt problems:

vmstat -i:
oro# vmstat -i
interrupt total rate
irq1: atkbd0 2 0
irq9: acpi0 1 0
irq19: re0 39786514 42
irq22: atapci0 8050818241 8515
cpu0: timer 1890881479 1999
cpu1: timer 1890881390 1999
Total 11872367627 12557

This time the problem is not in IRQ19 (re), but on IRQ 22
atapci0. This looked weird to me, as this interrupt is not
shared, so i searched what was the model and MFG of this
motherboard and found with dmidecode this:

Base Board Information
Product Name: MS-7368
Version: 1.0

Looking at freebsd archives for this model i've found
other people had the same problem:


Related problems:


Does anyone know what could be the cause of this or how can i fix it?

If there is any more information i could provide to help solving this,
just ask for it and i'll do my best to get it.

Thanks in advance.
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