I have upgraded to the new usb2 stack and am having several problems.

First, I too could not prevent the old usb stack from getting loaded. I
decided to take the approach of static loading of the usb2 stack,
and discovered that I could not include usb2_bluetooth, and
usb2_bluetooth_ng whithouk adding more of the netgraph stack,
to the statuc kernel, so I added

options NETGRAPH_BLUETOOTH # ng_bluetooth(4)
options NETGRAPH_BLUETOOTH_BT3C # ng_bt3c(4)
options NETGRAPH_BLUETOOTH_HCI # ng_hci(4)
options NETGRAPH_BLUETOOTH_L2CAP # ng_l2cap(4)
options NETGRAPH_BLUETOOTH_SOCKET # ng_btsocket(4)

to my config. Now I bind with the new stack. However, many
usb devices still are not working correctly. First, many devices
are not making entries in /dev, even though they seam to bind
to the driver. This seams to include ums, uhid, and ugen. I was
hoping to have my mouse bind to ums, so that I can run hid2hci
on it so that I activate my bluetooth hub. My m-audio usb audio
codec is binding to audio, but it is not working. As I was trying
to debug this, I decided I needed usbconfig. I ran buildworld and
found that none of the userland code has been added to the makefiles.
So I edited these files to add libusb20, the header files, and
usbconfig to the build:

M include/Makefile
M share/mk/bsd.libnames.mk
M usr.sbin/Makefile
M lib/Makefile
M etc/mtree/BSD.include.dist
M sys/dev/usb2/bluetooth/ng_ubt2.c

I then found the kdump will not build due to ioctl definition confilcts
with the old usb stack. So I guess at this point the 2 stacks do not
really coexist together. However the build got far enough along to build

I have not added the patch that was posted today, but I doubt that that
is the underlying cause of my issues.

I had high hopes for this new stack as my usb often "locks up" making my
keyboard stop.

2 more issues I had, not related to usb2. First when I did a cvs update,
I got many conflicts on files I had not changed. I was guessing maybe
something was wrong with the svn-cvs bridge, so I decided to try the
svn server. However, there seam to be no ID strings if you checout the
svn tree. This seams to confuse mergemaster. Is there a new procedure
for upgrading a system built from the svn tree?

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