Attilio Rao wrote:
> 2008/11/5, kevin :
>> Hi,
>> I update everything this afternoon(both kernel and world). when i try to
>> reboot or shutdown system,i find something goes wrong.After system output
>> "All buffers synced" and "Accounting disabled",system does not power off as
>> normal. the keyboard still works and when i press the power button ,it
>> output "acpi: suspend request ignored (not ready yet)", "acpi: request to
>> enter state S5 failed (error 6)". Any one meet same problem?

> Could you please break into DDB and see where it is hanging?
> Thanks,
> Attilio

Nothing is hanging.Only all kernel threads runs.when i plug in or remove
network cable,system can detect network interface's status.And i notice
all threads called _sleep or some functions similar to
sleepq_timeout/sleepq_set_timeout in the output of show all trace.


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