In the last episode (Nov 08), David Christensen said:
> I'm looking for a way to dump a large binary debug buffer
> in a driver to a file. I've currently implemented this
> with SYSCTL_ADD_OPAQUE() and it works fine but running the
> "sysctl -a" command causes this buffer to be dumped which
> is something of a pain. Is there a better way to do this?

Opaque values aren't really automatically skipped by /sbin/sysctl; the
format string is checked, and if the format isn't handled by
show_var(), it's not printed. Formats don't seem to be documented
anywhere, though. Try a blank format string. This will print all
"opaque" (not necessarily CTLTYPE_OPAQUE) variables, and their reported
format strings:

sysctl -ao | sed -ne 's/Length.*//p'

Here are some weird ones that are probably typos:

vfs.nfs.diskless_rootaddr: Format:%Ssockaddr_in
kern.malloc_stats: Format:s,malloc_type_ustats
vm.zone_stats: Format:s,struct uma_type_header

Dan Nelson
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