Jonathan Hogg wrote:
> On 2 Nov 2008, at 23:14, Alexandre Sunny Kovalenko wrote:
>> Just a "me too". I am using ZFS on my i386 (Core Duo) laptop: /
>> and /boot are UFS2, /usr and /home are ZFS. Main appeal in my case was
>> the startup time after the panic -- doing fsck on 120GB /home was not
>> fun. I have to admit that machine has 3GB of real memory in it, though.

> I have everything except /boot on ZFS on an i386 machine with 2GB of
> RAM. I've not had any problems. Being able to snapshot the whole system
> before doing an installworld is a major plus in my view. Not to mention
> the warm fuzzy feeling one gets from doing a full scrub of 1.5TB of
> RAIDZ data and knowing it's all clean on disk.
> I'd be happier still if the more recent ZFS patch had made it into 7.1.
> It'd be nice for it to make it into CURRENT at least. Is there any news
> on that?

If you are referring to the new ZFS version, then the answer is that pjd
has been busy, but the last I heard Sun still needed to fix some bugs we
discovered in testing.

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