Ken Chen wrote:
> I capture something.
> Please check the PID 57776. It's CPU time never change since my previous
> mail here.
> web4# ps alx | grep php-cgi | grep -v grep | grep sbwait
> 65534 57776 47240 0 4 0 182328 84984 sbwait I ?? 2:02.12
> /usr/local/bin/php-cgi

You're right and it is strange. I don't know why this would happen but
some things that come to mind are:

* Does lighttpd have some kind of status page or a diagnostic utility to
show you the states of FastCGI processes?
* Does lighttpd have a facility to "reap" old PHP processes? For
example, mod_fcgid has a maximum lifetime setting for FastCGI processes.
* You could try sending a SIGABRT to the php-cgi process to get a core
dump and inspect it. Without debugging symbols it will probably give you
the name of the function it's been waiting in.

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