On 12/23/-58 20:59, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> I have a quite strange problem.
> This is with 7-BETA amd64.

Did it work with earlier versions?

> All of USB is out of kernel and is loaded via modules.
> BIOS has "Legacy USB" enabled.
> I have only a USB keyboard, no PS/2 port.

Can you check BIOS settings for EHCI handover?

If the BIOS does not have handover enabled, it may disable legacy
support after a timeout, which is often bad. IMO this is the same
with booting off USB drives but every BIOS handles that different.

> The keyboard works file in BIOS and for selecting boot device in boot0
> menu. It also works in loader menu. If in the menu I select to go to
> loader prompt then it works for about 5 seconds and then "dies" - no
> reaction to key presses, no led change, nothing.
> I haven't actually verified if the keyboard would still work if I stayed
> in loader menu for longer than ~10 seconds.
> This doesn't happen if USB is built into kernel.

That sound strange. I have no idea why that might work (or I'm
totally wrong with my handover theory).

> Weird...

Yes, sounds like or it's probably easily explainable

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