On Saturday 08 November 2008, Raoul wrote:
> Hi all,
> usb2_sound does not detect an mbox (Digidesign) usb sound box.
> world and kernel are all from this night.
> as you can see the box is detected by snd_uaudio, but not by usb2_sound.
> of course the box does not work at all even well detected by snd_uaudio,
> perhaps this will come later.
> i point out the detection problem at this moment.
> hope this serve
> best regards
> Raoul
> rmgls@free.fr


Try to turn on uaudio debugging in USB2 when you plug the device:

sysctl hw.usb2.uaudio.debug=15


Dump the descriptors of your Audio device, if you have usbconfig installed. It
is not installed by default and it depends on libusb20. You can most easiliy
install usbconfig and libusb20 from my private SVN repository:

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
checkout svn://svn.turbocat.net/i4b

Goto the i4b/trunk/libusb20 and make all install
Goto the i4b/trunk/usbconfig and make all install

usbconfig -u xx -a xx dump_device_desc dump_curr_config_desc

One idea why your sound device does not work:

It has multiple configurations. You need perhaps to select config index 1:

usbconfig -u xx -a xx set_config 1

"xx" must be filled in properly of course.

This can be done automatically by the "add_dev_quirk_vplh" command. See the
UQ_CFG_INDEX_xxx quirks. You need to load "usb2_quirk" before it works.

You can also try loading "usb2_input_hid". Maybe it presents itself like a HID
device first, that's my guess.

The old stack works a little bit differently with regard to selecting a
configuration index.

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