2008/11/8 Juergen Lock :
> On Sat, Nov 08, 2008 at 01:18:09AM +0100, I wrote:
>> In article you write:
>> >2008/11/7 Juergen Lock :
>> >> I just prepared another experimental emulators/qemu-devel port update,
>> >> http://people.freebsd.org/~nox/qemu/...20081107.patch
>> >
>> >Great.
>> >
>> >> I haven't tested it that much yet (you are welcome to help there!
>> >> but so far didn't notice much changes compared to last time (r5499),
>> >> usb is still slow with my Linux 2.6.26 guest (probably to be expected,
>> >> nothing committed there since.)
>> >
>> >Could you test with the patch in
>> >http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qe.../msg01326.html ?
>> >Max Krasnyanski supposed it may contain the fix, I had no time to test
>> >it yet.

>> Maybe you should, because I can't get that patch to work here, neither
>> -usbdevice net:.. nor adding it or a disk: later (via usb_add) works,
>> I can't talk to any of them. I even tried rmmod uhci_hcd (in that
>> Linux 2.6.26 guest again) in case it might have been in the way, but
>> no go...
>> And now I tried a FreeBSD 7.1 beta guest with usb_add disk: (net: never
>> worked with FreeBSD guests for me), that guest also didn't see it.
>> Maybe you have more luck...
>> Juergen

> I forgot to say I had to manually kill a few stray newlines in that
> patch, even tho I grabbed it out of my local list archive that doesn't
> mangle posts. Maybe there was more damage?

Ah, nope, it changes the default usb host for PC to ehci.. that's not
the change I wanted to test. Anyway, it seems the change I had in mind
is in the passthrough code so it can't fix the regression in emulated
devices.. sorry, I had not read the patch fully.

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