[This is my first time running this mail composing tool, tell me if
it's doing something evil I don't see, ok?]

I just got pointed at a URL, if you haven't, it's most likely worth
your time to read this;


It's discussing a new X11 project, going by the name Wayland, a RedHat
project. Among it's primary goals is to simplify the server, and
since making things simpler (and hence more reliable) has been a
lifelong primary goal of mine, I'm listening. My goal here, beyond
trying to be helpful in pointing out something clearly important, is
to find out of anyone has done any research with a mind towards
finding out the ultimate compatibility between FreeBSD and this new
Wayland. I'm always worried that a Linux-person is going to
"innocently" write something that requires us to become a Linux

Has anyone got any FreeBSD info on this? Because, if I get s nice
loud shot of slicne in answer to this question, I'm going to have to
try to fix it. I wonder if it's just something that's going to need
porting (my devout wish), or are more extreme measures going to have
to be considered? Just being a worry-wart.
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