Hello Hans,

* Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> Basically there is nothing wrong with using chmod and chown. Hence USB
> has its own directory system which is not part of devfs, it was
> natural to also have a separate utility to set the permissions and
> ownership, which might become more complicated than simply a user and
> group. At EuroBSDcon this year I got some ideas about defining
> functional permission groups, like permissions for all USB keyboards
> for example, instead of permissions for individual devices. This
> pradigm will then break with chmod and chown.

But that's not the right direction. If we really want to do such things,
we should add ACL support to devfs, which is already something we
eventually want to do. I don't agree that we should create yet another
namespace with permissions instead of using the traditional /dev

Ed Schouten
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