2008/11/7 Ceri Davies :

> The point is that if you are concerned about these things then you
> should be checking what file system you are using anyway, and therefore

I agree - users should test before using, but...

> there is no point in changing ZFS to match UFS.

In an ideal world, I would like just the thing - obviously, within
limits (things like ZFS snapshots and such are what makes ZFS - ZFS).
A good goal would be to make file systems indistinguishable to
non-administrative userland applications running on them.

> ZFS ACLs are completely
> disparate to UFS ones, for example, so what's the proposal to fix that
> difference?

Erm, exactly the thing that's supposed to be done, as described at:

"Currently ZFS on FreeBSD doesn't support ACLs. ZFS itself supports
NFSv4-style ACLs, which is different than the existing POSIX.1e
implementation in FreeBSD, which means that first thing to do is to
add support for NFSv4-style ACLs to FreeBSD, which is being done as a
GSoC project."

I'm not going to argue this point just for the sake of arguing - I
don't think I will convince you and I believe in my standpoint. Since
I'm not able to work on either file system, I'll leave it to the
people who will to decide
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