>First of all, I'm not subscribed to the freebsd-stable@ mailing

>so please include me in any replies. I have been using a Dell

>II Inspiron 3700 (192 MiB of RAM, 430 Mhz PII-Celeron CPU) to test

>FreeBSD 6.4 and have been noticing panics since upgrading it to 6.4-RC1.

>The system initially was installed with 6.3-RELEASE (single partition

>installation, ACPI enabled, GNOME 2) and had been quite stable. So, in

effort to help test 6.4, I upgraded it to 6.4-RC1 using freebsd-

The upgrade has destabilized the system, as every single
>bootup since then

has led to a panic. I had coredumps turned on, so I
>tried to gather a

backtrace with kgdb(1) and every time I'd try it
>would hang trying to parse

the core dump. All I see is 4 lines of
>"Attempt to extract a compoent of a

value that is not a structure
>pointer." and it hangs.
>So, today I decided

to upgrade to 6.4-RC2 in hopes that it would
>resolve these problems and it

also crashes. Though it does seem to
>last longer before panicing. With RC1 I

couldn't even get a full login
>to GNOME to finish before the panic, most

times. Now, with RC2 it
>seems to crash later, but this could just be

coincidence. So far I've
>just had one crash with RC2, and am now running a

few apps in GNOME to
>see if I can trigger it again.
>Note also, with RC2

I'm unable to analyze the kernel core dump either.
>kgdb(1) seems to hang

with the same error as with RC1. I do have
>minidump on with RC2, and I've

just now disabled it so that next time
>it crashes, it will save a full core

file, to see if that makes a
>difference. Though, if RC1 is any indication, I

doubt that will make
>any difference, but we'll see. All I can glean from the

panic (from
>the info.0 file) is that the Panic String is a "page fault." I

>this was the same error with RC1 and as I recall every panic I was

>able to see (at the console) it involved the process named "swi6."
>Guess I

should try booting with ACPI disabled to see if there is any

though I never had to do this with 6.3.
>Well, if I can assist with further

debugging, let me know.
>- rory

I had a similar problem
described on this thread

Summarizing, I had several panics about swi6 (but I had
them after some/several hours of uptime).
I'm tracking STABLE and generally I'm
resyncing /usr/src every 1-2 weeks and I started having problems since about
Oct. 5.
Unfortunately I had no answer.
The problem *seems* gone away after
taking the following actions:
- disable powerd (I had enabled it few days
before the problem emerged)
- getting new sources and doing a new buildworld
rebuilding some gnome ports (the "non usual" ones I was using when panics
occurred) and all the gnome deamons (sysutils/hal etc.) - as the guy having a
similar problem on 7 "solved" moving away from gnome
I'm not sure about what
has been the resolutive action (and even if I had no more panics, I'm not
really sure that the problem could be considered solved!)

I hope that it could
help about your stability problem...


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