Lars Engels wrote:
> Much better! Loading mmcsd first, then mmc and sdhci gives me the mmcsd0
> device:
> sdhci0: mem 0xd8002800-0xd80028ff irq 22 at device 9.2
> on pci5
> sdhci0: 1 slot(s) allocated
> sdhci0: [ITHREAD]
> mmc0: on sdhci0
> mmcsd0: 1924MB at mmc0 16MHz/4bit
> sdhci0-slot0: Got data interrupt 0x00000002, but there is no active

This error should not happen normally. Or this controller has some
problems with DMA mode (it's PCI class reports that DMA is not
supported, but as soon as we have some reports that it does working it
is forcefully used) or it is some problem with driver. To get some info
about what is happening actually, uncomment two fragments in driver. This:

/* printf("%s cmd op %u arg %u flags %u data %ju\n", __func__,

req->cmd->opcode, req->cmd->arg, req->cmd->flags,

(req->cmd->data)?req->cmd->data->len:0); */

and this:


slot_printf(slot, "got interrupt %x\n", intmask);

Enable verbose messages, and send me what you will get.

Alexander Motin
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