Lars Engels wrote:
> Yes, that's what I have used:
> lars@pts/4 # ls ~/local-modules/sdhci/
> mmc.20081011.tgz sdhci.20081019.tgz sdhci_mod.20081008.tgz

That should not be bad, but the latest version is now committed to the HEAD.

> I forgot to re-built mmcsd before, my fault...
> Now I re-built and loaded the modules again:
> And now also the sdhci card is recognized properly and I can mount it without a panic.
> Thanks a lot!


>>> Sorry for the lengthy mail

>> Thanks, I like such mails, it's like a hunting.

> Yeah, I had (still have on the other notebook) some bait for you.

Fighting unknown hardware without touching it is probably the next level
of enlightenment. I know, there is no spoon!

Alexander Motin
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