Lars Engels wrote:
> On another notebook with the same card reader I get a little further:
> sdhci0: mem 0xd8002800-0xd80028ff irq 22 at device 9.2
> on pci5
> sdhci0: 1 slot(s) allocated
> sdhci0: [ITHREAD]
> mmc0: on sdhci0
> mmc0: detached
> mmc0: on sdhci0
> So the mmc device is detected everytime I insert a card and is removed
> when I take the card out.

It means that controller successfully reports card insertion. You must
be a half way there.

> But I do not get a new disk device...

A bit more debugging can be produced with enabling verbose boot messages.

> pciconf tells me pretty much the same like on the other notebook:

Looks like it may depend or on controller version or on the way it is
hardwired or somehow BIOS initialized. There are were some success
stories reported with this controller.

Alexander Motin
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