Roman Bogorodskiy wrote:

> I'm having a problem obtaining kernel dump. The box has 512Mb of RAM.
> In rc.conf I have:
> dumpdev="/dev/ad4s1b"
> dumpdir="/var/crash"
> swapinfo -h gives the following:
> Device 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity
> /dev/ad4s1b 1048576 0B 1.0G 0%
> /var/crash directory exists, and the root partition where it is placed
> has enough space as well:
> /dev/ad4s1a 989M 350M 560M 38% /
> The box runs fresh FreeBSD/i386 -CURRENT.
> So, I do swapoff and then perform actions to reproduce the crash and it
> breaks me into ddb prompt.
> I do:
> call doadump
> continue
> it reboots, and when I run "savecore -v /var/crash /dev/ad4s1b" it
> prints:
> unable to open bounds file, using 0
> checking for kernel dump on device /dev/ad4s1b
> mediasize = 1073741824
> sectorsize = 512
> magic mismatch on last dump header on /dev/ad4s1b
> savecore: no dumps found
> The same happens when I do 'panic' instead of 'call doadump' like
> handbook suggests. What am I doing wrong? I googled for similar
> problems, found some mail threads but didn't find meaningful advises
> though.

I'm seeing a similar problem with an amd64 system on a SATA disk
running CURRENT from 20080727 (can't update as I'm using Pawel's
ZFS patch and upgraded most of the zpools).

Calling panic leads to an instant reboot,
nothing seems to be dumped.


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