| By Aragon Gouveia
| [ 2008-11-01 08:43 +0200 ]
> > Anything is possible. Can you please rebuild your system, and the
> > bootstraps (and don't forget to install them; bsdlabel -B ),
> > without messing with optimisation flags?

> I just upgraded to 7.1 today. No luck, even with loader compiled without
> optimisations, it is still unstable on my system for some reason. No
> biggie for me, but possibly worthy of investigation if others have similar
> problems. (my hardware is quite new still)
> I'm more than open to help troubleshoot this further if you (or anyone) has
> any ideas on what to try next.

Quick (progressive) update!

I thought I'd see how loader behaves on my various boot CDs. My 7.0-RELEASE
discs both work fine - loader doesn't freeze. My 7.1-BETA2 disc's loader
behaves the same as the loader I compile.

I've copied the loader binary from one of the 7.0-RELEASE discs onto my
system and it works great just like that, and no more freezing.

Perhaps a change that happened in RELENG_7 after 7.0-RELEASE is causing
this? I've been experiencing it since my RELENG_7 checkout in May this

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