* Scott Long wrote:
> The multiplexed console feature is one thing that linux got right. In a
> corporate setting, you really need both a serial console and a video
> console in order to effectively manage the machines, as you want to be
> able to access them both remotely and locally. While it might be hard
> to build multiplexing into the console driver, do you think it would be
> possible to layer a multiplexer on top of it, similar to how the kbdmux
> driver works?

I'm not sure at which level we should implement this. I mainly wrote the
new /dev/console implementation, because it is a lot more simple than
the existing one and removes ugly hacks from the TTY code (like
recursive locking, etc).

Maybe if I can find some more time I'll look into it more closely, but
my todo list is very long right now. ;-)

Ed Schouten
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