Myself I have seen speeds of ~260KB/s but I've had reports of ~400KBytes/s .

The ucom patch (to 7 you probably mean) changes the buffering behaviour
which was incorrect.

I never got anything useful out of ubsa and I am now using the E220 USB
dongle on a daily basis and I am _very_ happy with the speed.


Randi Harper wrote:
> Huh. I'd never heard of u3g before. What kind of speed are you seeing?
> Just out of curiosity, how does it compare to ubsa? I added support
> for my novatel to ubsa a few months ago, but it's impossible to get
> true 3g speeds out of it. I didn't do enough research into the issue
> to see if it was a ubsa or ucom limitation. What does the ucom patch
> do? I'm not familiar with ucom code, not that I'm much of a developer
> in the first place.
> Randi

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