Clint Olsen wrote:
> I've seen some stuff online that made it look like using hard-link trees
> and then doing some rsync worked, but some of this appears to be obsoleted
> by new rsync features. If anyone has a pointer, that would be much
> appreciated.

I think freebsd-stable@ is not the right place to ask...

This is part of my script I am using for "snapshotted" backups:

src_host="" # ip, iport, host,
pass_file="/path/to/.rsync.passwd" # file with password for rsync_user
today=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
yesterday=`date -v -1d "+%Y-%m-%d"`
dest_curr="${dest}/${today}" # current backup dir by date [today]
dest_last="${dest}/${yesterday}" # last backup dir from previous day

rsync -a -H --log-file=${rsync_log} --numeric-ids
--password-file=${pass_file} --link-dest=${dest_last}
rsync://${src_user}@${src_host}/${src_module} ${dest_curr}

This script is runned daily from backup server (where backups are stored).
Rsync daemon is configured and running on backed up machine.

Miroslav Lachman
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