On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:50:27 -0400
Mikhail Teterin wrote:

> Sent by Vladimir Grebenschikov:
> > I've seen temporary FF lockups with flashblock FF plugin enabled.

> Same here. Sometimes it works and some times any page containing flash
> will hang the entire browser. Doing a `killall npviewer.bin' (I use
> nspluginwrapper) will unfreeze the browser like nothing happened. You'll
> get the page -- but without the embedded flash, of course.
> I have only gotten Flash-9 to (mostly) work this morning -- thanks to
> nox' checklist, and have not yet been able to investigate, why it hangs
> on occasion...

I don't have flashblock installed, but http://www.mtvmusic.com/ hangs
firefox 100% of the time. Strangely enough, under Linux it works just
fine and I have pretty much the same version of flash and firefox installed
on both systems.

Gary Jennejohn
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