I've problems with my 3ware controller. Havingg heavy I/O load (e.g.
running 40 port builds the day over with tinderbox which involves
un-taring a whole FreeBSD tree 40 times), my system hangs with the well

swap_pager: indefinite wait buffer: bufobj: 0, blkno: 2, size: 4096
swap_pager: indefinite wait buffer: bufobj: 0, blkno: 2, size: 4096

error. I'v opened a ticket at 3ware and after half a month of
dummy-testings (are your drives fine, can you run a stress test), it
looks like i was redirected to someone from the 2nd lvl support and he
told me:

There are 2 things that you can try,
1, disable apic in your bootloader.conf file, or RMA the controller.

The error that you have is generally caused by an interrupt problem,
defective backplane, bad drive or bad controller.

and after I told him that I intend to use the 2 CPUs I have and not
falling back to one CPU for ever he responded:

Yes I do understand about disabling APIC, but the feature is sometimes
not stable in all dual proc systems. There are many variables, the
CPU's have to be matched down to the Lot #, the motherboard must have a
good design and the kernel supporting APIC must be stable. But, it is a
good test to see if it is software or hardware.

So what I did now, was compiling a kernel w/o apic/smp and I'm running
this configuration now for 3 days stressing the system w/o running into
the swap_pager problem. Can it be still a controller problem or is it
more likley a problem of FreeBSDs smp/apic implementation or the board
I'm using (Intel L440GX).

I'm asking because I'm not sure which problem it is now and before
telling it 3ware and having them responding "ok it is a FreeBSD problem"
or "ok it is a board problem" I'd like to know what can be the case here.

(please keep me CCed, I'm not subscribed to smp@)

Further information (and the history) on this topic can be found here
(and following):


Oliver Lehmann
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