Matthias Apitz wrote:

> Is anybody aware of a port of tangoGPS http://www.tangogps.org/gps/cat/About
> to FreeBSD 7.0? It runs it in my Linux based cellphone Openmoko
> FreeRunner and it would be nice to have it as well in my eeePC (just for
> having better capacity for cached maps of OpenStreetMap and a bigger
> display). What kind of USB based GPS devices could be used in this
> eeePC with FreeBSD 7.0?

I think every GPS receiver that outputs messages in generic NMEA 0183 format
should do. A small problem could be the serial to USB converter chipset used
in the device, as most manufacturers do not mention the chip type anywhere in
their specs. I have successfully been using a GPS-M Pro USB receiver with MTK
chipset with navit (http://www.navit-project.org/) and gpsd (astro/gpsd). In
order to get it to work, i had to get the uslcom driver from 7-stable though,
which is not contained in 7.0-RELEASE.

Maybe you want to take a look at gpsd (http://gpsd.berlios.de/), which
supports a wide variety of GPS devices and provides the data to gpsd aware

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