The good news is I have been able to play a few youtube vids using flash10
on RELENG_7/amd64 in native ff3 using nspluginwrapper 1.1.2. The bad news
is there is still quite some work to be done to get this into shape for
ports... The following is a description of what I've done to get it
running, maybe someone else can go from there and make proper ports
before I get to it:

1. I built nspluginwrapper 1.1.2 similar to the exiting 1.0.0 version in
ports, only I didnt find a suitable rpm for the i386/linux bits, so I built
those on linux myself (debian sid since thats what I have, also they need
to be configured with --enable-generic there to use `normal' AF_UNIX socket
paths, FreeBSD doesn't have the way its otherwise doing it on linux,
or the wrapper ipc wouldnt work.) I'll attach the linux bits I built
myself, the go into /usr/local/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux .
[not in this resend, you can get them from the original mail:

2. Next I had to chase missing libs: First, flash10 needs libcurl now,
it first looks for libcurl.so.4, then when it doesn't find that it looks
for libcurl.so.3 and libcurl-gnutls.so.3 - libcurl.so.3 is in ports as
ftp/linux-curl, but I didn't find an fc4 rpm for libcurl-gnutls.so.3
(also it seems fc4 is eol'd now and you don't really want security holes
in libs you use in your browser...), so I set compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16
in sysctl.conf, OVERRIDE_LINUX_BASE_PORT=f7 in make.conf, installed
linux_base-f7 and then unpacked the f7 curl rpm and dependencies using
rpm2cpio piped to tar xfv - ...

(Actually I now see I probably should have used
etc, sorry will have to test that later.)

Anywy, since the libflashsupport.so I used from the flash9 port links
to libssl.so.5 (you can check by doing
/compat/linux/bin/sh /compat/linux/usr/bin/ldd /compat/linux/usr/lib/libflashsupport.so
- yes sometimes also the FreeBSD ldd works for linux libs, but not always),
I ended up keeping the fc4 openssl (security/linux-openssl) that was
installed by the flash9 port and only unpacking
libssl.so.0.9.8b libssl.so.6 libcrypto.so.0.9.8b libcrypto.so.6
from the above f7 openssl rpm into /usr/local/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux
instead of /compat/linux/lib - there's certainly room for improvement
there... (like building both libflashsupport and the nspluginwrapper
i386/linux bits on an updated f7?)

Also, flash10 links a bunch of libs from linux ff, namely:
libnspr4.so libnss3.so libplc4.so libplds4.so libsmime3.so libsoftokn3.so libssl3.so
- I just symlinked those from /usr/local/lib/linux-firefox (obviously it
needs to be installed too) into /usr/local/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux .

Ok and now something more general for the emulation folks: Now that
fc4 seems to be eol'd, what do we do to get updated linux-{curl,openssl}
etc ports from f7 (or f8?) for the folks that _can_ use them? (like,
RELENG_7 and above.) Its not only that they are useful for flash10,
its also because of security updates... (No I haven't actually checked if
there _were_ advisories for one of these since fc4, its just not really

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