"Rong-en Fan" wrote:
>Actually, gjournal has the problem with fast write load. It panics if the
>journal overflows... I was told by pjd@ that if I have been played with the
>sysctls and it still overflows, then there is nothing we can do...

pjd@ should answer this, but AFAIK journal size should be at least 2 * switch_time * transfer_rate where transfer_rate is your HDD bandwidth in MB/s.
So for a fictional HDD that has 150MB/s (most real HDDs are much lower than this) and the default switch_time (which is 10) that would be:
2 * 10 * 150 = 3000MB for the journal minimum.
I'm sure that increasing journal even more (or reducing switch_time) should make it stable (if it already isn't).

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