On Friday 17 October 2008 15:39:59 Chuck Swiger wrote:
> On Oct 17, 2008, at 11:30 AM, JoaoBR wrote:
> > constantly I find data corruption on ZFS volums, ever from rrdtool,
> > this
> > corrupt data happens on SATA disks, never seem on SCSI

> Presumably your SATA drives are correctly being reported by ZFS as
> corrupting data, and you should do something like replace cables, the
> drives themselves, perhaps try downgrading to SATA-150 rather than
> -300 if you are using the later. Also consider running a drive
> diagnostic utility from the mfgr (or smartmontools) and doing an
> extended self-test or destructive write surface check.

well, hardware seems to be ok and not older than 6 month, also happens not
only on one machine ... smartctl do not report any hw failures on disk

regarding jumpering the drives to 150 you suspect a driver problem?




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