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Andrew D wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> > On the Ubuntu computer I am /home/kline; on my main computer,
> > my home is /usr/home/kline. The following sh script worked
> > perfected when my home on "tao" [FBSD] was /home/kline:

I always create symlinks from /home to /usr/home or vice
versa, so both of them always work.

> ~kline is an alias for the home directory for the user kline. You can
> use that in your scripts rather than the full path
> As far as I know it works in all *nix variants.

It's not a matter of the UNIX variant, it's a matter of
the shell. Most shells support the "~" tilde expansion
(FreeBSD's sh, csh, and shells from ports such as bash,
ksh and zsh).

However, I still recommend to use $HOME instead inside
scripts for portability reasons. For example, Solaris'
/bin/sh does _not_ support "~". $HOME always works.

> > #!/bin/sh
> >
> > PWD=`pwd`;
> > echo "This directory is [${PWD}]";
> >
> > scp -qrp ${PWD}/* ethos:/${PWD}

Many superfluous characters. You can make it shorter:

scp -qrp $PWD/* ethos:$PWD

> > ###/usr/bin/scp -rqp -i /home/kline/.ssh/zeropasswd-id ${PWD}/* \ klin
> > e@ethos:/${PWD}
> >
> > Question #1: is there any /bin/sh method of getting rid of the
> > "/usr"? I switch off between my two computers especially when
> > get mucked up, as with my upgrade to kde4. (Otherwise, I do
> > backups of ~kline as well as other critical directories.)

The easiest way is to make a symlink from /usr/home to
/home, as explained above.

To answer your actual question: You can use "#" to
remove a prefix in /bin/sh scripts:

$ foo=/usr/home/whatever
$ echo ${foo#/usr}

If the variable doesn't have a matching prefix, the
result remains unchanged.

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