I have a theoretical understanding of the PC architecture and the
details but have no idea of how things go under the hood(for a real
computer). I think it would be very useful for me(as well as
beginners) to know how things work real-time. Even though it is not a
correct mailing list, I am posting this because you guys are the real
hackers and know a lot about how things work inside.

I would like to know about the following. Plz add anything which you
think will be helpful for the beginners.
1. Schematic diagrams of motherboards
2. How a bios detects various kinds of buses
3. How bios and os detects the different devices present in the system
and what are their capabilities
4. How interrupts are routed inside
5. Groups where we can communicate related information

I searched a lot in the internet but I am not able to find a good
place or info that gives the detailed information.

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