Mark Evenson wrote:

> [...]
> So, I was hoping to get an idea of how that association is
> formed without going through the Evolution code (for which I haven't
> found the spare time to go through).

Ok, I got a few moments to find out a plausible place to start looking
for this:

evolution- in emp_standard_menu_factory() calls
camel_data_wrapper_get_mime_type() to get a char* mime_type which is
then used to call through to gnome_vfs_mime_get_all_applications() to
get handling applications.

So, it seems that Evolution does use "Nautilus" (i.e. the GNOME VFS
libraries) to determine which MIME handlers to use.

Is there an easy way to get Evolution to build so I could use a
debugger? This was non-trivial last time I tried (sometime last year),
as I had to figure out how to get all the associated libraries compiled
on a case-by-case basis with debug symbols?


And freebsd-gnome team: I love you folks! GNOME under FreeBSD keeps
getting more and more solid with every year. Its a sign of how much I
have come to depend on your work that I want to nail down weird bugs
like this.



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